About Us




We aspired to become the number one most preferred clothing brand nationally for Petite Ladies specializing in Traditional Modest design wear.



Anies Iman is a bussiness entity specializing in clothing wear for petite ladies.

We pride our expertise on Petite Ladies traditional design clothing with a twist of modern touch.

Anies Iman collection instantly solved the concern of being overdressed or underdressed for any occasion with our elegent simplicity that fit all occasions.

We believe that beauty comes in all sizes and even Petite Ladies can dress confidently yet modestlt with our design solution.



Anies Iman is a brand dedicated to help modest ladies to instantly look presentable through our simple, neat and comfy hijab & modest wear.

We are passionate in providing cultural traditional modest design wear with a twist of modern touch.

Ladies who are in doubt they might be overdressed or underdressed for any occasion; they can rest assured wearing Anies Iman instantly make them look just right be it for work, kenduri, events or festivities!

Anies Iman specialised in designs that accentuate Gadis Melayu modesty & effortless beauty look.

We understand the struggle for Petite Ladies to find suitable attire. Our brand specialise in delivering the best design and cutting that complement Petite Ladies beautifully.

Anies Iman collection are all specially design custoim prints, so you need not worry of having random curtain or table cloth accidentally matching your look!